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  • Book printing: AVATAR

    Book printing: AVATAR

    After the release of yet another great success of the journal J. Cameron also won the Graffietti Stampati version of the book of Avatar. A volume format cm.16, 5×23, 5, pages 96 more ‘cover, the paper used for the interior and’ a matt coated paper from gr.115 Garda and the cover and used a cardboard monopatinato from gr.300 painted glossy UV full base, decorated with milled paperback. The book, besides telling the story of the film, reveals the secrets of the various techniques of shooting and playback of images in 3D, very interesting for all lovers and fans of the great director James Cameron. The unpublished images printed on the book come directly from studies of American film company, developed with skill and professionalism from our prepress department and prepared for implementation of the slabs. As usual our thanks to the publisher.

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