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    Marchio Graffietti Stampati

    Writing from which are derived the characters of today is the Roman capital letters: the Capitalis square. La Rustica however, is a different kind of writing. Over time the characters have become more rounded shapes with the uncial, originated from the need to write more quickly. Through writing uncial, which is ahead in the forms the lower case, you get to the Caroline minuscule. Tiny is to mean small, low: so the uppercase Roman has developed writing tiny, low. The Gothic break the roundness of Caroline minuscule: will then form the Gothic script, the Textura, from which comes the Fraktur (fracture) the period of the Renaissance Germanic, which led, with the scriptures Gothic hand, in Gothic script current hand ( today no longer in use). In Italy, the humanists reported Carolingian minuscule writing to a new flowering. Mixing in this case the square of Capitalis got the Antiqua. Simultaneously born dall’Antiqua same, the more fluid italics. This will be the starting point for writing the current Latin still in use among all the peoples of the Western world. The scriptures remember they found the main application in the transcripts copyists of books. At the same time were in use other forms of fast writing by hand, which, of course, influenced the development of the characters for books.
    (from GRAPHIC DESIGN by A. Hohenegger)

    [NOTE: This is an automatic translation]