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    Marchio Graffietti Stampati


    Perfect binding is the most economical method of paperback. In this case the signatures are cut on the fold side and glued directly to the spine (without stitching with thread) on the spine of the book. With this method the collected signatures undergo the removal of the back so that all the pages, including the innermost ones of the signature, are highlighted in order to receive the glue and bind to the others. The margin of trimming of the back of the signature varies according to the thickness of the same (the higher the number of pages and the greater the thickness of paper to be cut); it can however be said that it varies between two and five millimeters. The book block thus composed, coated with glue on the back, is coupled to the cover. The quality of this particular paperback is absolutely dependent on the characteristics of the paper used (the lower the paper weight of the paper will be the tightness of each sheet), the type of adhesive chosen and the compatibility between the two. Exquisitely industrial technique, born with the intention of containing costs for economic issues of large dissemination.

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