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    For 15 years now, the graphic arts world is evolving exponentially, from photographic film to the computer to plate, digital printing, large format, small format. In all this the multitude of small and medium-sized printing companies do not know where to go, which market to take, what kind of product is better to produce. One thing is certain, that the expense is certainly the quality of the finished product is the service given to the client. The technology to be the idea that even inexperienced people can take up this profession but unfortunately or fortunately, is not so. The basics of printing, although you want to clear up with technological innovations, will always remain impressed on what will be the result of a work, whatever it may be the graphics, the definition of printing and/or finish. Everything will be forever linked to the knowledge of the old notions of the printing of forty, fifty years ago, not at all at that time were called “Graphic Arts”. However, despite the various assumptions made by the “big” the press, today, in my opinion, since there is no knowing how and when this sector will be identified and will stabilize but certainly fall back on quality and who wants to live, I speak of the printing companies small, medium or large they may be, will be able to provide a print worthy of the art graphics. [Maurizio Graffietti]

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