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  • Printing magazine Life Star: Avatar

    Printing magazine Life Star: Avatar

    The magazine of fantasy films in 3D James Cameron’s vision in all the cinemas in those days was printed by Graffietti Stampati. Using 23,5×33,5, the magazine consists of 48 pages plus a cover page plus two posters stapled to the center by cm.47×33, 5, Garda gr.115 glossy coated paper for inside pages while the poster was glossy paper used by Garda gr.100, and always at home from Garda cover gr.300, fitted with two staples. Considered a successful film like Titanic, the film is set in the year 2154 where the planet Earth is facing an energy crisis that seems irreversible, there is only one way to salvation, bound to a mineral that is found only on one planet Pandora 4.4 million light years away from earth and where they live giant humanoid creatures. To conquer this planet man is organizing a mission called Avatar. Fabulous full-page pictures of the highlights and exciting film. Our printing technology is considered essential for the reproduction of those intense colors and communicative with which Cameron wanted to convey strong feelings. Our administration would like to thank the publishers for having chosen the Graffietti Stampati as partners to carry out its important publication.

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