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  • Printing Faberge Eggs catalogue

    Printing Faberge eggs catalogue

    From Russia comes the order to print an important catalogue about “Faberge’ eggs”, the beautiful Easter eggs made of gold, enamel and precious stones from the famous jeweler Faberge’ in the late nineteenth and early Twentieth century by Tsar Alexander III of Russia. These eggs, which were collected by the philanthropist Russian Viktor Vekselberg, have, during the Easter holidays, on display until June 11, at the Vatican Museums in the Exhibition by Raphael (Vatican City). The catalog, which includes the beautiful images of these eggs, consists of more than 232 pages to cover, has a size of cm. 24.3 x 22, 3, the paper used for the interior is a matte coated Sappi time gr. 150 while the cover is used a 300 gram gloss paper, cover with two plastic plates and shiny outside, set up in cotton thread stitching. The latest technology of the scratches were able to give the best printed with the beautiful pictures shown on this important catalog. All the staff who worked on the scratches printed on this work has remained largely satisfied with the results obtained thanks to the quality of the images that were provided by the graphic design studio who worked on the catalog. Our congratulations and thanks go to all the preparation and organization of this important show.

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