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    Marchio Graffietti Stampati


    Saddle stitching is a system that sews the seams of the editorial product by means of a metal wire segment. The classic shape is that of the paper clip, but it can also take the one of the omega letter for prints destined to be assembled in binders. Saddle stitching is a type of binding suitable for publications with a low number of pages including the cover. Metallic fastening is the simplest and fastest, it has good resistance and allows the pages to be perfectly flat when the product is opened. However, a saddle stitched product is not considered aesthetically attractive, in particular because of the absence of a backrest that restricts the possibility of consultation in case of storage because it does not identify the content without having to extract the print.
    This type of binding is indicated for magazines, periodicals, brochures, notebooks, catalogs, booklets, and other printed matter consisting of a limited number of pages. The metal seam is carried out by cross-stitching machines that collect and fold the marks bent one in the other and, after a check for the mechanical check about the thickness of the file, sewn by two metal stitches.

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