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  • THE “VISTO SI STAMPI” (Italian term for print approval)

    Marchio Graffietti Stampati

    THE “VISTO SI STAMPI” (Italian term for print approval)

    The blueprints are nothing more than the final copies of the pages of a book, a magazine, a catalog, a newspaper or any other printed, formed mark. Blueprints on the customer shall place the famous “Visto Si Stampi” (the Italian term for print approval; literally: “OK to print”). The “Visto Si Stampi” is the best time of the whole process suffered. It is the result of painstaking editorial controls to flush out the hidden error or inaccuracy ambiguous, and arrives at the end of avid findings of drafts in search of typo that ruthless, relentlessly reveals itself only after commissioning the machine. With the “imprimatur” ends all that part of work that goes by the name of prepress, the subsequent processing, the word itself, will be that of the press.

    [NOTE: This is an automatic translation]