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    Book Printing Halo Encyclopedia

    It is printed in the establishment of the Graffietti Stampati that was made and the great and beautiful book dedicated entirely to the fantastic game of Halo. An impressive book format cm.25×30 with cardboard cover 3 mm and polished plastic, a plastic jacket 352 pages and well polished glossy opaque gr.150. You can consider a beautiful object to keep more than just a library book. On these pages you can explore the depth and learn everything there is to know about heroes, weapons and conflicts Halo universe. A virtual universe in which humanity finds himself overwhelmed by the challenges and mysteries, but where and also at the heart of that enigma. It is a world, a journey that we are just beginning to explore, but just this book is the perfect guide. A world of characters and breathtaking goals, a place where the individual efforts of wonderful brave soldiers can defeat the evil plots of powerful alien civilization and fierce intelligence. Fabulous full page images of landscapes and characters of this universe of the future. And as ever on this occasion our printing technology and is considered crucial for color reproduction and intense communication. Our government, as the note thanking you for the publishing house Graffietti Stampati as a partner in the fulfillment of his important publication.

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