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    Print of newspaper

    Printing of illustrated newspaper

    Printing of illustrated newspaper

    The typography-lithography GRAFFIETTI offers high print quality for all your needs.

    For the printing of newspapers, we are able to offer the best thanks to “sublimate”, a new screening technology at home Agfa *, can increase print quality photos with a perfect production control.

    This gives the images printed on leaflets greater depth and tonal control never seen before.

    NOTE: This is an automatic translation

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    We can provide the printing of newspapers in various types and sizes.

    Standard sizes finished: the format cm.21×29.7 closed until f.to 33×48 closed.

    Paper used: Glossy or matte minimum gr.90

    or use hand cards or other type of natural papers or recycled / ecological minimum gr.60

    Minimum 1000 copies

    Mailing Services: cellophane with address entry and attachments.

    Transport ns. means in stock items.


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