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    Marchio Graffietti Stampati


    The paper used for newspaper printing has always been considered the poorest and cheapest paper par excellence, but precisely for this reason, some clarifications are needed. First of all it must be considered that the printing of newspapers is possible thanks to large and sophisticated machines, very fast, very expensive and with a high degree of automation. The main requirement of a card subjected to the stress of the type of printing that it must undergo must be, above all else, machinability, together with the condition of the paper itself, as well as of the reel. In fact, the high speeds of the rotary presses require a paper tape as regular as possible so that no breakage occurs during printing. The dough, consisting mainly of pastalegno, must be “draining” to allow easy loss of water during the manufacturing process, and thus facilitate the drying process. It must not undergo the sizing phase as another requirement is the ability to receive the ink quickly. It can be produced smooth or calendered, white or colored and with a weight ranging from 42 to 55 grams.

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