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Italy printing company

Graffietti proposes to the international market the whole quality of the Italian press. As one of the most renowned Italian printing company, Graffietti offers to his customers a wide range of printing solutions.
From the artistic offset press, through the creation of brochures, flyers and advertising leaflets, Graffietti is an Italian printing company that uses advanced technologies for the production of printed materials of high quality and maximum yield. For printing images and illustrated books, the Italian printing company Graffietti relies on the technology “Sublima” by Agfa, the world leader in the field of photography and prepress. Graffietti is constantly working on improving its printing systems, in order to ensure to his customers solutions capable of reconciling quality and highly competitive prices.

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Marchio Graffietti Stampati

BINDING AND FINISHING Binding is the set of all the workings needed to keep the pages that make up the printed one united together. There are different types of bonding (bonding, metal coil, screw, rings, etc.) but the most commonly used ones are: metallic fastening, wire seam binding, or knitRead More


Marchio Graffietti Stampati

SPECIAL PAPERS Special papers are the most expensive ones and include all those particular types of paper, such as the colored one, the embossed one, the verdant one, the parchment that recalls the concept of old parchment, translucent high transparency, etc., which include limited uses such as, for example, advertisingRead More


Marchio Graffietti Stampati

THE COATED PAPER Coated paper, thanks to the coating process that consists of covering the paper with a thin coating (based on gypsum and glue), has the characteristic of having a smooth surface and free from any roughness where the amount of patina used It affects the quality itself. ItRead More


Marchio Graffietti Stampati

THE UNCOATED PAPER The uncoated papers, unlike what it may seem, are not the cheapest paper, but they cost slightly higher than the coated papers.The uncoated papers allow a good yield on the section (the section is a drawing made with sharp and crisp lines and devoid of shading, suchRead More


Marchio Graffietti Stampati

PHOTOGRAPHS FOR ADVERTISING Some special note deserve the contracts for the realization of photographs for advertising. The distinction, even legislatively consecrated as a result of amendments to the Law on copyright in 1979, including photographs-intellectual and “simple photographs”, as such subject to a more cushioned protection, for all practical purposesRead More