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    Step 1: We receive your quote request. Quote requests, the first to be developed, will be checked by our staff and where necessary will be optimized and improved to meet the proper criteria of quality and feasibility. Before sending any solicitation of an offer please contact us by phone and we will be happy to advise you on the best solution for all your needs for any type of print. We do not do digital printing.

    Step 2: Within 24/48 hours send the offer

    Step 3: If our offer is acceptable to you we send the print files in ways that you find on the home page of our website along with your order confirmation, using our model offer you received (Important: always indicate the number of copies if the tender is given more than one number). Even if we receive the print files can not proceed to work until we have received your order confirmation.

    Step 4: We send the drafts cyanografiche PDF low resolution via e-mail or, if desired, in paper form through ns. courier and we are waiting for your “OK to print”.

    Step 5: Only when you have received your “OK to print” in formula writing we will begin printing and final processing of the material.

    Step 6: Once the material is ready we will contact you for delivery agreements.
    The Our ​​staff will be in constant contact with you and you will be next in all the steps.
    Our characteristic is to have direct contact by telephone with our clients during all stages of processing.