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    Marchio Graffietti Stampati


    The new technologies have brought significant innovations also in the field of printing, eliminating a whole series of processes such as, for example, the production of films, their assembly, the relative registration, the development of the plates, the make-ready and more again, significantly shortening production times, reducing the use of labor power and lowering costs. This is the so-called digital printing. When we talk about digital printing we refer to those systems in which at the end of the prepress work we proceed directly to print the files without going through external devices such as the production of the plates through the CTP technology. The applications of digital printing are increasingly numerous and able to meet different needs, so much so that the technology used can be fed sheet or web. Unlike traditional and digital printing, you are able to print a different page or multiple copies of the same page at each turn, or even create personalized headings on individual pages and so on. The short runs are the point of greatest appeal of digital printing. Theoretically, digital printing can also be used to print a single copy of the product, in fact, it is often used for the creation of zero numbers of magazines or periodicals. We take this opportunity to remind all our customers and to all readers that the Graffietti Stampati does not make digital printing but only sheet-fed offset printing (not rotary) that’s why we can only provide printed quantities in an amount suitable to absorb the costs of planting and start-up. Our minimum quantities for each type of product are indicated on the respective quotation request form found on our website.

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