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    Marchio Graffietti Stampati


    Special papers are the most expensive ones and include all those particular types of paper, such as the colored one, the embossed one, the verdant one, the parchment that recalls the concept of old parchment, translucent high transparency, etc., which include limited uses such as, for example, advertising or prestige printing. Among the various types of special paper there is also a paper made of synthetic fibers and therefore very resistant, waterproof, tear-resistant and easily printable. This type of support is mainly used for road maps, nautical charts, labels, labels, and more. In choosing paper, besides the type of the final product and the packaging operations to which it will be subjected such as cutting, bending, creasing, sewing and bonding, it is also important to know what the printing process will be (offset, Rotogravure, flexography, screen printing, etc.).

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