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    Marchio Graffietti Stampati


    Graphic arts, twin sisters born of the eldest idea of Gutenberg, have given way to more modern discoveries of science and mechanics but with their continued progress have followed the trend of the times, winning, undisputed, for the basic principle on which merge their works that speak, with the help of line and color, a universal language.
    This language of forms, speaks as the language of words, but in contrast to the latter its texture that resists longer and less quickly disappears; This concept, already heard and stigmatized by the Latins with: “Verba volant, scripta manent”.
    Speaking of graphic arts is to embrace the thought of a great man’s activities and to follow the development in five centuries of history. It is said that the invention of printing revolutionized the world, but perhaps it may be more accurate to say that the vital transition from the ancient world to the modern world, arise out of this invention as a manifestation of the new demands of life and ideals.
    Gensfleisch said Johann Gutenberg around 1440 invented the printing press with movable type and from this day science, chemistry, technique and mechanics, promessero in the graphic field a continuous evolution, refining the idea before, brought us to the modern accomplishments, that so much had and still have more in the field of knowledge.
    [NOTE: This is an automatic translation]