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    Marchio Graffietti Stampati


    Imagine for a moment that the paper no longer exists. What do we lose? Everything. It starts from this premise a bit paradoxical a good book that I read recently, “The smell of the paper” written by Ian Sansom. The paper is a technology with which we have given a sense of the world, essentially says Ian Sansom, and if we are what we are, is because our life is made of paper, the certificate of birth to that of death through the study and play, art and literature, music and even digital culture. So far, almost everything we need to live is born on the card and it is easy to imagine that we would be like without the card dead, worse’d never been born. Born as civilization mean. Why Paperless we would know little or nothing of the Egyptian civilization came after that, we would have lost the classical culture to think of it, if it were not for the libraries we would know that they were not even existed, and the same is true of China and the Arab world. And thank God they did if the Arabs in 571 Chinese papermakers captured two unfortunates in Samarkand and made themselves say, a shot of threats, the recipe for the manufacture of paper… that we would not be here either, as we are readable and erasable, and unforgettable unnecessary, even foolish enough to say that the card is dead is how to decide on a nice day, says the philosopher Jacques Derrida, to stop talking now because we have learned to write. (Source: Print Buyer magazine – article by journalist Anna Aprea).

    [NOTE: This is an automatic translation]