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    The paper was born in China 200 years before Christ. In the eighties were found several sheets of paper with drawings in a tomb dating from the second century BC Dunhuang, a city in the Chinese province of Gansu. The paper was made from rags made from bamboo canes and fishing nets with techniques that remained secret for centuries. Following the Arabs learned to Fabricare the paper only after 751 AD in Samarkand one of the richest and most flourishing cities of the ancient Persian empire. Samarkand became the first center for the dissemination of the paper in the Arab world, followed by Baghdad (Iraq), and numerous other centers, especially in North Africa. In Europe, the paper came only in the twelfth century, where it was initially imported from the Arab world and was of poor quality. Things changed radically when in Fabriano, a small town in the Marche, you discovered a process even better than the Chinese to get paper of excellent quality. It was 1268 and the new Italian card quickly spread to the rest of Europe, giving rise to the great tradition of European paper production.

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